Explainer Video for Save The Children Action Network

In 2017 I had the privilege of working with Peoples Television on a collaborated effort to create an explainer video with animation for Save The Children. I was brought on as a Motion Graphics Animator to bring life to the video in the places where full screen graphics would be needed. It was also my responsibility as the Art Director to ensure that the visuals were interpreting the VO as effectively as possible.

I truly enjoy these type of projects because, for me, they are like a long game of Pictionary. Making an explainer video challenges my ability to explain a complex task or concept using motion graphic visuals in a way that effectively makes it easier to understand.

The Creative Process

In pre-production the team focused their efforts on making sure the content was conversational, yet concise. In the production phase the team wanted to bring life to the content by moving from scene to scene as talent delivered the information to the camera. In the post-production phase we had focus on interpreting the content visually. I started with identifying the players and object, then I drew out on paper what they might look and where they might move. It sometime helps to turn sound off when reviewing an explainer video to see how well the visuals carry the message.

Project Details

  • Art Director
  • Motion Graphics Animation
  • Video Graphics
  • Video Editing
  • Color Correction

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