Explainer Video for Smithsonian Institute and Purdue University

In the summer of 2016 I had the privilege of working on an animated explainer video with some talents folks at the Smithsonian Institute and Purdue University. Initially, I was signed up to edit just one video for them, but when one of their other editors had to bail, I picked up the slack and finished up a second video.

My objective for this animated explainer video was to take a green screen video of our host, Jason Steinhauer, and come up with an artistic way to present a 3-minute story using images and content that was dug out of the Purdue archives. Using some creative motion and basic graphics I was able to piece together an explainer video that informs the viewer in a playful and artistic manner.

I had picked this project up as a side deal with the intentions of working nights and weekends. I wanted to work with the Smithsonian Institute so could establish a relationship. When we got down to the wire with this project I was getting up at 4am to make edits that were emailed the night before, and then turning in changes at 9am while I head to my full-time gig. And if you ask me, it was totally worth it.

Here is the official HISTORY COMMUNICATORS youtube channel that was launched with this animated explainer video.

sample of video 1sample of video 3

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