Editing A Brand Video for Al-Monitor

I had the pleasure of working with Emic Films on editing a brand video in Washington DC for Al-Monitor. Al-Monitor is a media site launched in February 2012 by the Arab American entrepreneur Jamal Daniel and based in Washington, DC. Emic Films is a full-service video production and strategy company. Makers of documentary films and branded content, also based in Washington DC. Together we all collaborated on editing a brand video that would capture the essence of the Al-Monitor media service.

It’s always going to be a good final product when I get to work with friends in the industry. Jon is an Editor/Producer, featured on CNN International and The Today Show, and film festivals around the world. Kohl is a Director of Photography. He has traveled internationally to produce content for clients like Jet Blue, The Rockefeller Foundation, USA Today, The Red Cross, and The Nobel Women’s Initiative. We all met at a local co-working space called The Lookout and immediately hit it off. I look forward to working with them again.

Our Creative Process

We wanted to build a world that the Al-Monitor content could live in. The content needed to pop, so we made the world that this content would live in very basic in color and style. Each scene in this video was meticulously planned out in pre-production by Jon, Kohl & I. This allowed us to achieve more in the amount of time we had budgeted for this brand video. We approached every scene as a small story that was part of a larger feature. In the end, we were extremely pleased with the result and the client was more than satisfied with their new brand video.

Project Details

  • 2.5D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Art Directing
  • Storytelling

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