Editing a Digital Ad for Gillette with Meangreen Media


I was lucky enough to participate in editing a digital ad for Gillette that targeted consumers who left the brand, and now find themselves coming back to Gillette. I worked with Meangreen Media and their client SKDKnickerbocker to create 30 and 15 second ads targeting 18-35 year old males across the US. SKDK already knew who they wanted to use in the ad, it was up to us to make it look good. After going back and forth on some design ideas, and what textures to use, we decided on this look and feel to the ad.

One of the pure joys of this project was getting to work with a classic audio track. I have never worked with a legally licensed track that was as popular as this one. Needless to say, it’s been stuck in my head ever since.

Overall, it was a great experience editing a digital ad for Gillette, mostly because it was a nice change of pace to the political ads that I had been hired to make for the 8 months prior. I also always adore the opportunity to work with Glenn Greenstein at Meangreen Media. No matter the project, we always create something together that is better than either of us could have created alone. Clients are always more than satisfied with their product when we work in what Glenn likes to call…the Collabratorium. This digital ad for Gillette is a prime example in the Collabratorium at work.

CLIENT: SKDKnickerbocker

POST HOUSE: Meangreen Media


SR. EDITOR: Tony Muzzatti

SR. EDITOR: Sean Kimber

PRODUCER: Melanie McGhee


Project Details

  • Motion Graphics
  • 2d Animations
  • Digital Ad

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