Editing a Brand Video for Storyblocks

I was fortunate enough to work with People’s Television again, this time editing a brand video for their client Storyblocks. We had all worked together on a previous video project, with Storyblocks, marketing a new collection in their video library called Creator2Creator. It was a collection of stock footage and images submitted by photographers, filmmakers and music producers around the globe. It was a successful project, and because they enjoyed their experience they came back for their next brand video.

Storyblocks started as three separate brands titled Videoblocks, Audioblocks and Graphicstock. They decided to bring all three under one umbrella and called it Storyblocks. It was my job to only use content from the Storyblocks website, and the script they approved, to edit a brand video they could post on their home page.

The Creative Process

We started with a massive amount of selects that were pulled from the website. I broke them down into bin with labels based on what category of stock imagery or footage it represented. I had all kinds of stock footage and images from landscapes, aerials, 360, portraits, time-lapse, slow motion, etc. Once I felt like it was organized well enough I began plugging images to the script where it made the most sense. Then I just had to fill in the blanks with my own creative direction. Once the skeleton of a rough cut was in place we started to lay in graphics and text. We had a very smooth workflow in place, which led to no issue hitting our project’s milestones and deadlines. All parties couldn’t have been happier. I look forward to working with everyone again sometime soon.

Project Details

  • Art Director
  • Motion Graphics
  • Brand VIdeo

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