Editing Political Ads for Meangreen Media

Meangreen Media Political Reel

2016 Meangreen Media Creative Team (left to right: Tony Muzzatti, Sean Kimber, Fabian Tejada, Mike Sosinski, Chris Mastellone)

Editing political ads with Meangreen Media was hands down one of the best experiences of my lifetime.

I cannot express enough how much I enjoyed the people, the quality of content, and the knowledge I gained from this experience. Meangreen’s clients are all heavy hitters in the political advertising consulting industry, so it was great to work alongside some giants. They include GMMB, RLM, SKDK, 4CM&M, and DML just to name a few. Their process works, and I can say I learned a lot from working with Glenn Greenstein and his crew at Meangreen Media.

All that aside, this was the most taxing contract I have ever worked. The hours were long, the content felt dirty at times (that’s the nature of editing political ads that attack opponents), and I was constantly pushing myself to perform at a very high standard. In the end it paid off, and I look forward to doing it all again (just not anytime soon, ha).


Project Details

  • Motion Graphics
  • 2D Animation
  • Video Editing
  • Producing
  • Compositing
  • Graphic Design

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