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Front-End Manager and SEO Consultant on Website Redesign with PBS.org and Capital Concerts

In 2014, I was tasked to work alongside a website redesign team as the front-end web developer and SEO manager. It was my responsibility to build out individual landing pages with content I was given to populate each page. In addition, it was also my responsibility to research and develop strategy for search engine optimization on each landing page. The production company, Capital Concerts, produces two live broadcast programs for PBS every year, the National Memorial Day Concert and A Capitol Fourth. Both websites were in severe need of restructuring, the content required updating and the overall brand design needed revamping. There were several challenges with this project including my adapting to the Bento CMS. I was familiar with working in other content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal so it was not very difficult for me to learn PBS’s CMS.

As a result, our efforts made a dramatic improvement to the site’s bounce rate, and the amount of time visitors were spending on the site. We also increased the number of organic visitors the site, but the best part about the redesign is that Capital Concerts is now able to save a significant amount of money on yearly updates to their website. They have much more control on the timing and release of new content.

In 2015, the new site functioned flawlessly on the Bento platform, it was a huge success for both Capital Concerts and PBS. The web team was able to react faster with releasing new content and our audience was engaging with the content more than ever before. Our announcements and press releases went up immediately rather than hours after the request. There was also a 20% increase in overall pageviews in 2015 (up from 2014 when we did the initial redesign). Overall the redesign has been looked at as a huge success from the audience, the sponsors and the company.

Project Details

  • Front-End Web Developer
  • Workflow Manager
  • SEO
  • HTML & CSS

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