Kinetic Typography Video for Crews Control

Crews Control wanted to present a new video at the 2015 CMMA conference. The goal was to create a kinetic typography video that would answer the question, “Why Crews Control?” for the viewer.  I composed a script, wrangled some useful graphics, chose some royalty free music and began composing the video above. The main challenge in this project was time, it was a race against the clock for me since I had only a week to complete this video. The potential for this video was so huge that it was difficult for me to narrow down what was realistic for me to accomplish in the available amount of time. To be certain I was on the right track, I uploaded a rough cut of the first 20 seconds to the client mid-way through the week for approvals. Once I knew I was headed in the right direction I could hunker down and grind through the remaining 40 seconds. It can sometimes take 1 hour to edit one second of 2d animated video (depending on how intense the animation is) so I had to be very decisive with how I was animating objects in and out. There was not much room for experimentation or even revisions for this project so it had to be great the first time. In the end, the video was delivered on time and the client was happy with the product.

Project Details

  • Kinetic Typeography
  • Video Editing
  • After Effects
  • Graphic Design

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