Editing Political Ads for Priorities USA

tony-greenscreenI was given the opportunity to work with the #1 democratic super pac making creative political ads this past election cycle. I collaborated alongside a team of producers, writers, graphic designers and marketers to help create content supporting Hillary Clinton’s campaign. I was responsible for creating digital ads, motion graphics, animations, GIFs, and more; my duties spanned from producer, writer, gaffer, director, and audio engineer, but I stuck to video editor for about 90% of the time. I worked under the Director of Digital, Tara McGowan, also along side DP/Editor, Miguel Mungia, and Graphic Designer, Jonah Goodman. We had assistance from project managers, marketing experts, pollsters, researchers and interns.  All great people to collaborate with, we couldn’t have done our job without everyone’s collaboration and I enjoyed my time working with all the folks at the organization.

Digital Campaign #1

Stop Hate

One of our most successful digital campaigns was a collaboration between Priorities USA and Women Vote. It was fully produced in-house by our digital team. My role in this campaign was to help execute creative content. I helped to establish a creative and affordable way for us to create multiple, 15 second digital ads. I used the graphic elements previously created by Senior Art Director, Jonah Goodman, as graphic elements in the ads in order to create some cohesion between the video and where it would eventually live. I also helped create GIFs for social posts on Twitter and Facebook, and other engaging content for social platforms.


Logo Animations


Digital Campaign #2

Give ‘Em Hill

This campaign was a collaboration between Priorities USA and Planned Parenthood. My role in this campaign help produce and edit multiple, 15 second digital advertisements using a half dozen or so scripts that had been pre-approved. These were aimed to be low-budget, and look documentary style. Our Director of Photography, Miguel Mungia shot everything on a Cannon 5D mkIII and he cut each piece to time, I followed behind him to online the visual effects and fine tune the pieces. Many long nights were put into this campaign but if my memory serves me right, all three ads were written, shot and edited in under a week. The client was very satisfied with the outcome given this was our very first project of the season for us, and the first digital political campaign I had ever experienced.

More Video

A selection of digital video content from the 2016 season

Throughout the season, when I wasn’t creating ads for specific paid campaigns, I was creating ads for organic campaigns. This is a selections of some successful ads I edited for organic, however, some of these performed so well that they were later adapted for paid programs. I helped to create these ads with different individuals so please refer to the video descriptions for my roles in each ad.

More Animations

A collaboration project between PUSA and Buzzfeed

Priorities USA and Buzzfeed teamed up to create a channel called More Of This™. Our Senior Graphic Designer, Jonah Goodman, created the logo and some variations for the clients to choose from and when they settled on this particular variant I began animating. These are the different variations I submitted. See the product it in action at the More Of This Facebook Page.

More GIFs

Because who doesn’t love a good GIF

Throughout the campaign I created dozens of GIFs. Many of them were conceived of by other team members, and I just helped bring their idea to life. Others were created by me, usually on a whim because something inspired me. The GIFs I created generally performed very well on Facebook and Twitter.

Project Details

  • Senior Editor
  • Animator
  • Motion Graphic Artist
  • Producer
  • Writer
  • VO Recording/Audio on set
  • Gaffer
  • Greenscreen/Chromakey

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