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Social Marketing for LIVE Television Event (A Capitol Fourth)

I was hired by Capital Concerts in March of 2013 to manage the digital campaign for A Capitol Fourth. I was responsible for executing social marketing strategies and managing social accounts account across all platforms, ensuring they are at full throttle in the weeks leading up to (and after) the shows. The goals were to increase particular metrics set forth by shareholders each year in addition to encouraging viewer tune-in. I handled execution and management of most owned, earned and paid digital marketing assets for the company. This allowed me the opportunity to establish the brand on several platforms and build them from the ground up. Here is what Kevin Dando, Senior Director of Social Media Strategy and Digital Communications at PBS had to say about my performance:

kevin dando

Kevin Dando, Sr. Director, PBS

Following up on this weekend’s concert and rehearsal, I wanted to send over a thank you for everything – the access, the assets, and that incredibly helpful social media toolkit Tony put together, which is now a model for how we want them to be done by other shows. (Seriously – that’s what we’re going to point to.) Our team was really happy with everything they secured on site Saturday, and I thought it was great content.  On Sunday, the number of videos and photos we had to choose from, both pre-packaged, and shot on-site, made it so easy to keep up a consistent drumbeat of promotion on social media.


Nielsen Twitter Ratings A Capitol FourthI started the Twitter account for A Capitol Fourth in June of 2013. In my first few months I learned that we could not live stream the show over the internet, so I decided to live tweet the show instead. I created a Twitter social marketing strategy for getting live photos from professional photographers fed to twitter as moments happened live on-stage. This process has become so successful that, in 2015, our branded hashtag trended nationally for 2 hours and 20 minutes and we were placed 3rd that night in Nielsen’s Twitter Ratings for “series & specials” with impressions just over 750,000 and a unique audience of just over 300,000. In 2014, Kevin Dando had this to say:

kevin dando

Kevin Dando, Sr. Director, PBS

I just wanted to thank you for all the help on Saturday. From [our team] accounts, the logistical set-up was great, and everything went really, really smoothly. I loved all the posts (tweets/Vines/Instagram videos, etc.) that went up on rehearsal day. Also, I wanted to say how much I appreciated the live-tweeting Tony did during the broadcast – tweeters REALLY responded to the pics that went up so quickly from the broadcast, and it was fantastic to be able to retweet them. I noticed that our hashtag trended nationally Sunday, and I’m sure it was driven by all those great tweets with images from the broadcast. Congrats!


The Facebook page for A Capitol Fourth builds up it’s activity starting months in advance, gradually revealing more information about the show until we begin daily engagements. The Facebook social marketing strategy for the company Facebook page was heavily supported with content from the 80’s and 90’s for throwbacks, but was intended to gradually bulk up the overall presence. In 2015, I created a strategy that focused on the historical and factual aspects of the July 4th holiday by using content from the website that would encourage click-through. This produced a significant increase in pageviews on the website and engagement on Facebook. Here is what Mark Mosley, Interactive Content Coordinator for PBS SoCal had to say after this year’s campaign:

mark mobley

Mark Mobley, SoCal PBS

I hope you had a fantastic Fourth of July weekend. I wanted to reach out and let you know that the Capitol Fourth web resources this year were excellent! I especially liked the history of the American flag and the 35 year collection album. The Capitol Fourth resources did really well on our social media leading up to Saturday. We received lots of praise for the show from our viewers who enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing the resources with us. Great job and keep up the good work!


I backup my photos and video to my Google account and every once and a while they will send back something cool like…

Posted by Tony Muzzatti on Saturday, July 4, 2015


Project Details

  • Social Marketing
  • Content Development
  • Online PR
  • Reputation Managment
  • Event Marketing
  • Spreadsheets (Google and Excel)

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