Editing Software Tutorial Videos for Booz Allen Hamilton

In December of 2016 I was contracted to produce and edit a series of software tutorial videos for Booz Allen Hamilton to use in training modules for all 24,000 employees. I worked alongside the Learning & Development department to provide them with consultation and execution of strategy for all video production needs. Executed the role of Producer, Script Supervisor, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, and Animator.  I am also the voice over talent for these training modules.

The project scope involved creating a series of software tutorial videos that described a process an employee would go through in a software called Workday. My job was to script, record, capture and animate the step-by-step process that the script described. I designed and animated bumpers, lower thirds, and graphics that all aligned with their internal branding for these tutorial videos. The challenge in this project was that we were launching the videos simultaneously with the software. When changes occurred in the final stages of software development we had to reflect those changes in the video software tutorials.

The Creative Process

Traditionally, when creating a software tutorial video, you do it with a screen capture software that would record the users motions (Camtasia). Then you record a separate voice over track while playing the video back, then marry the voice over with the screen capture to complete your software tutorial video. However, with this project we wanted flexibility in the post-production process to make edits without going back to re-record. So instead of capturing video, I captured stills of every page in the software and animated it in Adobe After Effects. This way, we had the flexibility we wanted in post-production, and still maintained the look and feel of navigating the Workday software.


Project Details

  • Producer
  • Script Supervisor
  • Director
  • Director of Photography
  • Editor
  • Animator

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